From CIA to DNA

Cleve Backster, a former CIA agent, struggled from the 1960s onwards with recognition in the scientific discurse. He conducted experiments with sperm and joghurt, but is mostly known for his claim of „primary perception“.

He was the first who used the method of galvanic skin response to measure the „feelings“ „pain“ of plants. The electrodes he attached to plants leaves measure the electricity flow within a plants cell.

His famous experiments of harming plants get him world success firstly. He used mostly two plants. One was connected to the electrodes, the other one was harmed, for example burned, boiled, or also just watered. Whenever this happenened, the polygraph line of the first connected plan made waves and responded. He used this for the absolute claim, that plants have feeling similar to ours. 

It is based on the idea that „all things which are living must feel since they are living“.

Further key readings:

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